A little history...

Set on a granite ledge rising from the sea and surrounded by flower gardens, the Craignair was built in 1928 to house workers from the nearby quarries. It was converted to an Inn in 1947 and little has changed here since the turn of the century. You can still feel the mood of a once lively and active working town. The union hall still stands as well as the old general store and post office. The chapel, where the stone-cutters and their families once worshiped, is now an annex to the Inn. Evidence of the quarry-workers' time is also portrayed in the beautiful granite causeway that stretches across the water to Clark Island, where a great quarry was once the center of this picturesque village. Clark Island granite was used in the construction of the central park bridges and gate houses, and in the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, both in New York City, and the Library of Congress in Washington, just to name a few.

For more history on the area, check stgeorgehistory.com.

Your Innkeepers, Lauren and Greg Soutiea bought the Inn December 2018, moving from Boston. We love Maine, our dogs Gretel and Gertie, and running in the great outdoors. We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about what brings you to the Craignair Inn during your stay. It's an honor carrying on the Craignair tradition of spectacular food, unmatched views and comfortable rooms. See you soon!