Reflecting On Our Commitment to the Environment

We are driven by a desire to do business in the most sustainable manner possible. We are committed to providing a warm and welcoming retreat for our guests and neighbors while also creating a “green” experience. We are incorporating new products and amenities that fall in line with green lodging best practices to ensure the health and safety of our guests and our environment. We hope to help preserve the natural beauty of midcoast Maine and our local Clark Island for future generations to visit and enjoy.

Environment at Craignair

The Craignair Inn is committed to:

Valuing the natural beauty and history of St. George and Clark Island, and to help guests enjoy and appreciate a local, authentic experience;

Including environmental considerations as part of everything we do including, but not limited to providing amenities that are earth friendly and vegan (free from animal products), buying local to decrease our carbon footprint, and supporting the local community;

Striving to follow green lodging best practices in all areas of our business without compromising guest comfort;

Partnering with like-minded businesses and organizations to encourage a sense of “community”;

Bringing awareness to the changes impacting midcoast Maine’s natural resources;

Soliciting feedback and suggestions from our guests and community regarding the inn’s environmental practices;

Looking to the future to identify areas for environmental improvements in our green lodging practices and continuing to make improvements that promote conservation


Green Lodging Practices in Place at the Craignair Inn & Restaurant by the Sea:

  • Individually controlled heat zones in all of our guestrooms

  • Use of 100% cotton sheets, towels and quilts

  • Use of elegant amenities in a dispenser system for showers that eliminates the need for hundreds of small bottles each year and partially used products

  • Electric vehicle charging station

  • Amenities use no animal by-products and do not use animals for testing

  • Purchase and use of energy efficient appliances

  • Using LED lights

  • Use of dimmable lights throughout common areas and guest rooms

  • Upcycle of furniture

  • Donation of old linens and towels for re-use at our local animal shelter

  • Old bathrobes and unclaimed guest clothing goes to local charities

  • Recycling centers in guestrooms and common areas

  • Housekeepers are trained to remove recyclable goods from rooms (i.e. newspapers, plastic bottles, soda cans)

  • Sharing of our mission to reduce and how guests can participate by re-using towels

  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Purchase concentrated cleaning supplies in bulk and use refillable bottles

We enjoy discussing our desire to be green and welcome suggestions for improvements to our practices.